Lateral Training

Lateral Training

Lateral Training Programs

Synergific Lateral Training helps you to upskill your existing employees according to your business requirement. With a quick turnaround time, and a high NPS, our lateral training sessions are rapidly gaining traction in the industry.


Large Course Portfolio

You can choose from our comprehensive high-impact training programs, and learning paths in emerging and cutting-edge technologies to train your workforce.


Subject-Matter Experts as Trainers

Our programs are implemented by senior SMEs, and industry veterans with years of experience reskilling, and upskilling employees. They are hand-picked from the industry for their proficiency in delivering effective learning experience.



Your learners will gain unlimited access to our CloudLabs throughout their training. It gives them hands-on experience while they develop their theoretical skills, and enables them to be production ready as quickly as they complete their training.

Live Online

Live Online (VILT)

With a focus on maximising learner engagement, and convenience, we provide VILT training sessions. They are designed according to the requirements of your employees and are highly customizable.



You can scale our Lateral training sessions to as many of your employees as possible. By leveraging our VILT sessions, and CloudLabs, you can cut costs related to travel, labs, infrastructure, and equipment.


Practical Learning

Our Lateral training gets your employee to work on real industry projects so that they can get production ready quickly.

Best Workforce Upskilling Program offered by Synergific

Synergific a Leading Workforce Upskilling Accelerator has been helping organizations of all stratus with seamless training Modules. The lateral training program is an exercise that designs custom-made courses for the existing Employees of the organization.

With Lateral Training Modules, the working professionals are imbibed and are poised to set their way on an accelerated Path Of Expertise. This Upskilling cycle works on enhancing them and turning them into a courageous Mindset to deliver and make the finest use of the materials learned.

Inside the Synergific’s Lateral Training program

Synergific’s Lateral Training program encompasses the essential ingredients required for a Lateral training module to make them an ideal fit for our organization. A few of them are listed below:

  • Large course portfolio: At Synergific, we identify and provide the apt fit of training programs in different skill sets and even in diverse domains so that corporates don’t ramble and wander in search of the answers they seek from different departments.
  • Subject-Matter Experts as trainers: Delivery with Quality has been the Mission at Synergific. To make sure immaterial and inappropriate topics of the curriculum do not hinder, each of our courses is being taught by Subject-Matter Experts. Only relevant skills are taught by the expert to make each one of the employees an expert in that specific skill.
  • CloudLabs: At Synergific, we believe in delivering practical knowledge to fresh graduates so that before even joining the organization the candidates must have a hands-on experience with the specific skill sets. Our Cloud labs ensure that your employee gets hands-on training along with theoretical knowledge. Cloud labs help in establishing healthy competition among the batch-mates, as it shows regular performance updates to the trainee.
  • VILT: VILT Training (virtual instructor-led training) is an enhanced mode of new Technology Training that delivers the perfect virtual environment, to bridge the geographical gap between the Coach and Learner. With Creative and New Age Tech VILT is designed to replicate the classroom experience to help both i.e. the learner and the instructor.
  • Cost Effective: Online setup saves resources compared to physical setups. With online learning modules of Synergific’s Lateral training program, the learner will make the most of it by staying in their comfort zone for the desired results expected from them.
  • Practical learning: At Synergific, we believe in hands-on learning experience so that an employee will get real-time practical knowledge. To ensure that any employee gets all of the practical knowledge required, we also offer Fresher Training that encapsulates our courses with real industry projects.

Advantages of Lateral Training program:

The Hire Train Deploy program is a win-win situation for both parties (the organization and the employee), let’s discuss some of the advantages:

  • Avoiding Layoff: Lateral hire training program would be the most progressive step you can do with your organization when the department is lagging. With Upskilling, employees will not have to face the unforeseen sight of a layoff.
  • Encourage Skill Development: Lateral hire training programs will encourage skill development among the existing employees, and make them future-ready to tackle modern problems with effective solutions.
  • Increasing Advancement Opportunities: Lateral hire training programs will increase the advancement opportunities for the employees, and help them utilize their potential to perform daily corporate tasks with ease.
  • Employee-friendly Organization: Any organization’s positive work environment will set the ideal example for playing a major role in the growth and development of the company. Lateral hire training programs can make employees feel secure, which in turn improves the organization’s internal environment employee-friendly.
  • High NPS: Skills play a pivotal role in the work life of any employee; a skilled employee can finish a given task effectively and has the potential to achieve desirable results. Both skills and quality go hand in hand, only a skilled employee can deliver the quality result, and quality results and NPS both are the same things. With the right skill set a quality product establishes a quality service which in turn magnetizes the world around you.

Lateral Hire Training Programs in Detail

Lateral hire training programs are designed to help new employees who are joining an organization as a result of a lateral move, rather than through a traditional promotion or entry-level hire. These programs are designed to provide new hires with the skills, knowledge, and information they need to be successful in their new role and to integrate smoothly into the organization’s culture and practices.

The key components of a successful lateral hire training program typically include the following:

Orientation: A comprehensive orientation program helps new hires to understand the organization’s culture, policies, procedures, and benefits. This may include a tour of the facilities, an introduction to key personnel, and a review of company policies and procedures.

Job-Specific Training: New hires need to be trained on the specific skills and knowledge required for their new role. This may include hands-on training, online courses, or classroom-style instruction.

Cultural Integration: Lateral hire training programs should help new employees to understand and embrace the organization’s culture, values, and mission. This may involve meeting with senior leaders, attending social events, or participating in team-building activities.

Ongoing Support: New hires need ongoing support to ensure their success. This may involve regular check-ins with their manager, access to mentorship programs, or participation in skill-building workshops.

Performance Management: Regular performance management assessments are crucial to the success of lateral hire training programs. This allows organizations to identify areas where new hires need additional support and to track their progress over time.

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