Decision Making

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

Learn effective decision-making strategies, evaluate risks, and improve critical thinking with the Decision Making course. Enhance your ability to make sound choices in diverse personal and professional situations.
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The Decision Making course provides individuals with valuable insights and practical tools to make effective decisions in both personal and professional settings. Participants will learn various decision-making models, explore strategies for analyzing options, and develop skills to evaluate risks and consequences. This course aims to enhance critical thinking abilities and improve decision-making outcomes.



Understand the challenges and complexities of Decision Making.

  • Understand the importance of effective decision making in different contexts.
  • Learn different decision-making models and their application.
  • Develop skills to gather and analyze relevant information for decision making.
  • Gain strategies to evaluate risks, uncertainties, and potential consequences.
  • Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


  • There are no specific prerequisites for this course.
  • Basic proficiency in written and spoken English is recommended for optimal learning

Course Outline

  • Understanding the significance of effective decision making
  • Exploring the decision-making process and its components

  • Different models and frameworks for decision making (e.g., rational, intuitive, collaborative)
  • Choosing the appropriate model for different decision scenarios

  • Developing critical thinking skills for problem analysis and evaluation
  • Applying logic and reasoning in decision making

  • Techniques for identifying and assessing risks associated with decisions
  • Strategies for mitigating and managing risks

  • Understanding ethical implications in decision making
  • Integrating ethical principles and values into the decision-making process