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MERN Stack is a collection of JavaScript based technologies — MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js. MERN Stack makes you Full Stack Developer.

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The MERN stack has become one of the most popular options for app development. The MERN full stack development course helps you develop a full-fledged application for the web from scratch. The MERN stack is a variation of the MEAN stack where React, the more powerful library from Facebook, replaces Angular. Some of the advantages of this stack include scalability, smoother UI rendering and performance to create high-end cloud applications that are dynamic and interactive.



At the end of MERN stack training course, participants will be able to

  • Learn why the MERN stack is right for your next project and how to make the most of each of the technology in the stack
  • Learn what alternatives exist for each of these technologies and how to replace one or more of these with alternatives
  • Learn how to stay nimble with your choices of technology


  • To have basic knowledge on developing web applications
  • Knowing HTML and CSS web languages
  • JavaScript, IDE or Text Editor, Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Server-side development with any programming language.

Course Outline

  • Emerging JavaScript
    o Declaring Variable in ES6
    o Arrow function
    o Transpiling ES6
    o ES6 Objects and Arrays
    o Promises
    o Classes
  • Pure React
    o Installation Node JS
    o Page Setup
    o The Virtual DOM
    o React Elements
    o React DOM
    o Children
    o Constructing Elements with Data
    o React Components
    o DOM rendering
  • Props, State and the Component Tree
    o Property Validation
    o Refs
    o React State Management
    o State within component Tree
  • React Router
    o Incorporating the Router
    o Nesting Routes
    o Route Parameters

  • Introduction
    o Overview of NodeJS
    o Installing NodeJS on windows
  • Streaming Data Across Node And clients
    o Creating and HTTP Server
    o The Request objects
    o Working with Headers
    o Handling Post Data
  • Access the File System
    o Directories & iterating overs files and folders
    o Reading from File
    o Writing to a File

  • Introduction
    o Installing Express and Making it Easier to Build Web Server
  • Express Basics
    o Express Request
    o Express Response
    o Express Get
    o Express Post
  • Express Routing
  • Express Middleware
  • Express Template Engine

  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • Mapping Relational database to MongoDB
  • MongoDB installation and configuration in Windows
  • MongoDB Create database
  • MongoDB Drop Database
  • MongoDB Create collection
  • MongoDB Drop collection
  • MongoDB Insert Document
  • MongoDB Query Document
  • MongoDB Update Document
  • Delete document in MongoDB