Co-Founder & CEO

Muneeb Shah

With over 2 decades of extensive industry experience, Muneeb Shah drives the strategy, growth, and vision of Synergific Software. A strong advocate for “Customer Satisfaction,” Muneeb works closely with the leadership teams and IT leaders of many prominent organizations, addressing their workforce upskilling challenges. He is deeply passionate about creating cutting-edge software solutions for the industry and harnesses technology to enhance customer experiences and drive innovation through state-of-the-art software products and services.

Prior to leading Synergific Software, Muneeb held key roles at notable companies, bringing a wealth of experience to his current position.

CTO & Business Head

Vinay Chandra

With over 1.5 decades of extensive industry experience, Vinay Chandra drives the strategy, growth, and vision of Synergific Software. As the Head of Business Development, I am committed to understanding your unique needs and delivering innovative solutions that help your business succeed. I am eager to collaborate with you to identify new opportunities and foster a mutually beneficial relationship. My focus has been on building long-term partnerships with clients and driving revenue growth through effective strategies and excellent customer service.

Prior to Synergific Software, Vinay held key roles at SpringPeople as Senior IT Manager and headed Cloud and DevOps. In the past, he held key roles at Convert Cart, Purple Frame Technologies, and Viz Experts.

Vinay is a graduate of JH University and did his Masters in Business Administration from IIM Bangalore.

Chief Financial Officer

Shahid Baba

With over 1.2 decades of extensive industry experience, Shahid drives the financial strategy, growth, and vision of Synergific Software as the Chief Financial Officer. Shahid is committed to ensuring the financial well-being of our organization and creating value through sound financial management. He brings a wealth of financial expertise and is dedicated to maintaining the financial health of our company.

As the Chief Financial Officer, Shahid’s focus is on managing financial risks, optimizing financial performance, and making strategic financial decisions. He is eager to collaborate with the leadership team to ensure the company’s financial sustainability and growth.

Prior to Synergific Software, Shahid held key roles at various organizations, gaining valuable experience in financial management and leadership.