Dedicated Servers

Create any kind of hands-on lab with any technology combination and practice. You’re one step away from the ready-to-go servers.

Why Synergific Software for your Cloud Web Server?

Stop worrying about any server setup or maintenance, Start working directly in the simulation environment.

Cost Effective

Provide an Enterprise-grade power server at the best price in the market with expert support. We guarantee no one can match our pricing.

Customization Possibilities

Create your bare metal server with your desired specification with customizable processors, RAM, hard drives, GPUs, and more..

Full Root Access

You get full root/administrator access with our cloud server hosting. So you can use any application as per your work need.


Our basic yet enhanced cloud server package should provide you with more than enough resources to get you started.



Cloud Virtual Private Server

Engage your employees in “result-oriented” learning through online training and add a new dimension of hands-on experience using our Virtual Servers.

Full Root Access | SSD Storage | Cost-effective | Unlimited Incoming Traffic | Enhanced Performance | Completely scalable and reliable

Our Cloud Partners

Networking & WAN

Our WAN and networking technologies are adapted to your company's needs. Can you provide your customer with a unique or cost-effective product via your WAN? If not, we can assist you there. Your organization can fully comprehend the effect of new technologies and services with the aid of our WAN knowledge and expertise.

Storage & SAN

Our SAN (Storage Area Network) services can give your company's data storage requirements more flexibility. You must choose SAN services over traditional fixed, in-house storage if your storage requirements change often, as they would with a seasonal business. You may connect to our cutting-edge remote servers, within a day.

Compute & Virtualization

Our virtualization services are designed to improve workloads and scalability. virtualization uses software,to imitate hardware functions and build a virtual computer system. Did you know that virtualization may enhance workload capacity by 12-18%? To satisfy your company's demands, our services are dependable, secure, and affordable.

Ready to use our Dedicated Servers?

Let the learners practice what they learned in real-world and real-work-like environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get root acces to my Windows Dedicated Server?
We provide the server root access by default when you buy servers from us. For more information about root access you can check the Welcome mail which we sent Initially.
When to use dedicated server over cloud hosting ?
Most of the customers prefer cloud hosting due to high availability. But under certain conditions, customers need dedicated hosting. Certain section of business always go with dedicated hosting such as bank and insurance and data critical companies. When you want customized server with specific need of RAM and CPUs, then you can go with dedicated hosting. Sometime, you might need to add some hardware to assist your application, such as video processing or image processing, then you can go with dedicated server.
Will I get Managed Services for my Dedicated Server?
We provide Managed Service to all of our customers who has bought dedicated servers from us. Many of our clients have good technical knowledge to managing the web application. But when it comes to OS level issues or any other complex problem they need some server experts to resolve it. This is where our Managed Services make your life easy, as we take care of all the issues and resolution.
What is a Windows dedicated server?
Windows dedicated server hosting is a hosting platform where any number of websites can be hosted. In Windows dedicated server hosting the customer rents a physical server running on Windows operating system. That entity can utilize the server for various purposes and practices it completely for its business. Windows servers are necessary for websites that are created on the Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET and MSSQL database.
What is your ticket response and resolution time ?
We mostly respond to all tickets with-in 1 hour time and we mostly resolve issues within 2 hours. Though, We request you to wait for 4 hours for response.
How Many IP address I can get from my Dedicated server Plan?
Usually we give one IP by default with each dedicated server. If you need any additional IP address you can purchase by contacting with our support team. Important thing is Spamming and illegal activities are strictly banned.